Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I've had Diarrhea since 2007

      On Saturday the 21st of August, we played at a gig that was labeled, "Bud Pharm". It was in the High Desert, (get it.... High  Desert) and I thought it was a 5-acre Marijuana Farm with licensed growers, vendors, and patients, all stoned and ready to listen to some egotistical psychadelic music and reminisce about the good ol' days when they used to lick acid off of Jimi Hendrix's shaft. But, it was only a get-together at a fuckin Ranch in the middle of nowhere that druggies could go to if they wanted to get super baked and reminisce about the good ol' days when they used to lick acid off of Jimi Hendrix's roadie's shaft. It was kind of a bummer, but the stage was pretty big and one of the little stoners said that he drove around the desert picking up old telephone poles to help build the stage. As gone as these people were, that was the best stage we've ever played on. By far.
     Turns out I wasn't the only person to misinterpret an email; these guys thought we were a Bob Marley cover band. That's the only reason they booked our asses! The whole time they were telling us a really good Bob Marley cover band was going to play. We played one cover to stimulate their Bob Marley blue-balls, but we threw some musicianship into the mix and everybody went back to doing heroin. We'll probably never play that gig again unless they book some real bands or start paying.
     Our friend Gamaliel helped out as a roadie that day and kept us company while all the rednecks stared at his black ass like he just stole their bike. There was one other black guy there, and boy was he dark. He was a  pretty cool dude, and liked our music. He had a two-man band also, and they did the damn thing. The girls there were disgusting as all hell and reminded me of all the times I threw up.
      Vibra Optic '73, bitches.

   love, bronson

     these were the guys.


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  2. Fuck you clown! You didn't talk talk shit like that when you were here. Shit talkin coward.

  3. That looks like yer daddys picture.

  4. take it ez Dave, let those guys think were hicks. there the ones with shitty equipment and two beat songs. Do they really think they sounded better then "animal me" or "silvea"? I thought the kids were cool, but from reading this it sounds like there punks. They won't be back for DOTM I hope! And why do they think they should have seen the co-op? Fuckin Punks!

  5. This is Dave, WTF? I didn't post any of this hateful shit. Just heard about it today. This creep insults and slanders everyone but himself. "saying were on drugs" I'm not sure who or what one of um it is yet. Fucker talks like were some trailer park trash KKK motherfuckers but hes the one saying hes got a black cat loading there shit and our black guys a real darkie. Asshole! This guys fucktd up! So who gives a fuck what kind of poison the faggits talking. (yes I said hes a faggit. "All that dick licking yak he can't stop typing about") If you really wanna kick the punks ass call him for a shitty gig somewhere in the middle of know where. Maybe some hick ranch where we can show him what happens to bitches with DIARRHEA mouths that won't stop weeping there whining shit!

  6. Hey, bronson FUCK YOU YOU LITTLE PUNK BOY! Nothing anonymous about this, come back to the hills and I'm gonna smack the diarrhea talk right off your shit talking face! Fuck it maybe I will show up at a gig in the city and make you my bitch ya little faggit! dave@budpharm.com

  7. First and foremost, I'd like to thank all of you for stopping by and showing Vibra Optic some love. Much appreciated.

    Second.... are you all anonymous because you all have the same last name?

    Third.... Thanks again for showing some love. I think people were beginning to think I was making up stories. If you guys don't want your picture up, I can just google a fake one. Cool, lemme know. Take care fellas.


    You wound-up little scholars ought to read that article again, and pay attention to all the bold letters in the first paragraph. It was a little hidden message I left for you Dave...

    -love, bronson

  9. That message looks like you wanna lick shaft ya little fag! Theres nothing anonymous about anything I posted. As a matter of fact I would like to see you talk shit like that to my face punk! Or any man for that matter you little bitch.... You cant hide behind keystrokes and mouse clicks all the time boy.